It's hard to be a hero

Calneth'ru'doi The Worldeater, Slayer of Gods was taking his time with his latest victim. It was the only living creature from this world he hasn't eaten yet. He was devouring her soul and taking her vitality, feeling their sweet taste. When the body was empty he threw it on a heap of similar shells and he straightened two great hands with powerful talons. A small ball of light appeared between them, blinked, started growing and finally changed in the map of the universum. Calneth'ru'doi was looking through it, searching for a world which could satisfy his great hunger. Finally he found such place and with just one gesture he left the dead planet behind him moving to alive one.

* * *

He appeared in a big city which promised a good meal. He wasn't attacking anyone so far though, feasting on the fear he inspired in the citizens, their desperate attempts to run far away from him. To inrease the terror he destroyed one of the tallest buildings. It was only half of his height. 'Yes, you pitiful worms. Fear me, for the hour of your death has come' he thought looking at the tiny creatures running as fast as they could to the city gates. Suddenly a small flash of light drew his attention. Where just a moment ago was only empty air now a couple of horsemen were standing. Almost all of them in shiny armours and with lances with only one in a long blue robe, with grey beard and spiky hat. Without a hesitation the knights charged at Calneth'ru'doi. At the very same moment a trio of mages on flying carpets and one on a broom flew over the city walls and in the direction of the Worldeater, soon catching up with the horsemen.
- Get lost! It's our eckspecks - yelled one of the knights when a wizard flew over his head but loud laugh was the only answer.
The Worldeater didn't much care about it. Every world tried to oppose him. He moved his brows and very high and thick wall of fire appeared before attackers. It wasn't the end though. A group of four men materialised in the air next to him, two with two-handed swords and two wielding staffs. They were all flying and obviously preparing for attack when a new squad turned out, with only three people in it.
- Damn you! We were here first - barked one of the flying mages.
- I know you Wiccon Thunderboldt. I have shown you your first spell and if you don't treat me with respect i deserve as your teacher, then by Odin and Thor I'll show you your last - answered the leader of the newcomers, old man with long grey beard.
- Odin and Thor? Which ones are they? - The wizard called Wiccon wondered for a while.
- I believe they were those weaklings we destroyed a week ago - one of his companions said loud.
Both teams prepared for fight, but much to the Worldeater's surprise they faced each other. He felt offended.
- Mortals - he boomed with a voice that made houses fall down - I have come here to destroy your world and devour your souls. Bow to the great Calneth'ru'doi before he allows you to become his vict...
- I beg your pardon - one of the mages interrupted him while taking out the scroll and a quill - but did you just say Calneth'ru'doi? That's your true name, isn't it? Thanks a lot, you really helped me - and he pated the Worldeater on the shoulder.
- Your fate is decided. Your world will be my feast. There is no sense in trying to resist, but you will probably fight anyway. So come at me all of you together and die.
- Are you nuts? There's little enough eckspecks from you, and you want us to divide it between more people? Oh, I can't stand it anymore. Nobody will steal my eckspe... - Wiccon stoped at the sight of knights and wizards on carpets coming through the wall of fire. They were a little scorched but obviously not injured. - Not again, next eckspecks stealers. Go, get them boys.
The wizards on the carpets started chanting an incantation while their fellow on the broom was covering them. Meanwhile the knights were taking on speed and soon they were riding on the air. Their charge was a really impressive sight, at least until they hit invisible and indestructable wall of force created by Wiccon's teacher. And then fireballs, lightning bolts, and other strange missiles came through the air, while the fighters from all teams clashed in the swordfight. The Worldeater was looking at all of this very surprised, but not for very long. The growing chaos engulfed him, and somebody killed him there by sheer accident. Because nobody noticed it the fight was going on for another hour. Surprisingly Calneth'ru'doi turned out to be the only dead one.

* * *

Amongst the ruins of once great city the heroes were looking for their companions, together commenting that it was jolly good fight, and helping each other with curing some small scratches. Wiccon was looking for his team, and he wasn't in very good mood. - Great, another week of preparing the spells wasted. And what do I have? Not even one lousy eckspeck. And I need only another thirty thousand. It's hard to be a hero. Here you are guys, I was looking for you everywhere. Come on, if we hurry we can still manage to hunt some Tarrasques before the hunting season ends.

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